Chain & Slings

Our wide range of stock includes

Lifting Equipment: Chain Assemblies & Equipmenttesting
Dee and Bow Shackles, Flat Webbing Slings, Endless round slings, Concrete Panel Lifting Equipment, Eyebolts/Nuts, Wire Rope (from 1mm to 25mm), Chain & Lever Blocks

Vehicle Recovery/Tie Down:

G70 Transport Chain, Loadbinders (Ratchet & Lever), Ratchet Straps, Wire Rope (from 1mm to 25mm), 4wd Recovery Blocks, Snatch Straps

All manufactured equipment made at Riverina Cranes will be manufactured, certified and proof tested to meet Australian Standard requirements

As well now at Riverina Crane Services we now have a Hydraulic Test Bed with a load rating of 50tons at our disposal. Our existing clients have their inspections carried out in 3/6 or 12 month intervals depending on the use, quantity and requirements of the equipment. After completing each inspection, certificates and paperwork will be issued to meet Australian Standards requirements


Inspections, testing and repairs are done by a competent technician, whether it is ONSITE inspection, where we can come out and inspect the equipment to save delivery time, or OFFSITE where the equipment comes to our depot where equipment can be proof loaded to meet requirements



After the equipment has been used and you think there might be an issue with your equipment, below are a couple of examples to keep in mind if your not quite sure if your equipment is suitable for safe working. If you are still unsure bring it down and we can answer your query.


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Mechanical damage due to rope movement over sharp edges whilst under load image001
Localised wear due to abrasion on supporting structure. image002
Narrow path of wire breaks caused by working in a grossly oversized groove or over small support rollers. image003
Severe wear in Lang’s Lay, caused by abrasion at
cross-over points on multi-layer coiling application.
Corrosion of sever degree caused by immersion of rope in water. image005
Typical wire fractures as a result of bend fatigue. image006
Wire fractures at the strand, or core interface, as distinct from ‘crown’ fractures caused by failure of core support. image007
Typical example of localised wear and deformation created at a previously kinked portion of rope. image008
Multi-strand rope ‘bird caged’ due to torsional imbalance. Typical of build-up seen at anchorage end of multi-fall crane application. image009
Protrusion of IWRC resulting from shock loading. image010