Abrasive Blasting

For the purpose of this memo Abrasive Blasting is defined as: 
“Cleaning materials by the abrasive action of any metal shot or mineral particulate propelled in a gaseous or liquid medium.”

At Riverina Crane Services Pty Ltd we have a permanent and totally enclosed abrasive blasting booth (causing minimal environmental impact) and our blasting procedures and equipment allows us to tend to large jobs such as cattle/tag trailers right down to smaller jobs such as bike frames, pot stands and utility trays.

We guarantee our service is to the highest of standards and only the best garnet is used on all of our abrasive blasting work. We also endeavour to meet all of our customers needs by carrying out the job as quickly as possible even in the worst of weather.

We, at Riverina Crane Services Pty Ltd ensure all our employees and customers that our Abrasive Blasting booths are both environmentally friendly and extremely safe to both our blasters inside and surrounding employees in the vicinity of our blasting booths.

All of our abrasive blasting procedures, equipment and operations are to all Environmental Protection Authority standards and Australian Standards 1627.4-2005.

Above all, we take our Occupation Health and Safety Regulations regarding these procedures very seriously and you can rest assured all measures are in place to prevent any sort of incident/injury.

We also offer competitive prices, quick completion and a high standard of quality.